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Download DA Form 8018-R, also known as Tick Survey Data/Tick Walk Data. This action is a part of the United States Army’s pest surveillance program. This form will require the recording of information after a Tick Walk has been performed. A Tick Walk is a procedure whereas a human, dressed in all white clothing with all openings to the skin being taped closed so that the ticks are unable to attach. The person would then walk in the heavy vegetation sites that are being monitored. The ticks will then be removed and prepared to send to USAEHA for identification. As or after these step have been taken, all of the information would then be recorded on or into this form.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Section 1 –  Tick Survey Data/Tick Walk Data – Begin by entering the following information into blocks 1 and 2:

  • Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • Collector (full name)

Step 2 – Section 3 – Weather Data – Provide the required information in section 3 boxes a., b., and c.

  • a. Temperature
  • b. Wind Speed
  • c. Cloud Cover

Step 3 – Section 4- Site Number – Complete the columns in the boxes in blocks 4,5,6 and 7 as follows:

  • 4. Site Number
  • 5. Grid
  • 6. Time
  • 7. Distance (in paces)

Step 4 – Section 8- Number – complete section 8 boxes a., b. and c. in the columns – the number of ticks in each category:

  • a. Larvae
  • b. Nymphs
  • c.Adults

Step 5 – Section 9.- Index- fill in

Step 6 – Section 10. – Comments:

  • Place any comments regarding information collected in the rows going across, in the comments box

Step 7 – Total number of ticks divided by distance walked

Step 8 – Specimens sent to USAEHA for ID

Step 9 – Fill in required information in blocks 11, 12, and 13

  • 11. Date
  • 12. Species
  • 13. Comments ( place comments with regard to observations in this block