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Download DA Form 8011-R, also known as Mosquito Surveillance Light Trap Collections. This form is a part of a U.S Army pest surveillance program. This particular surveillance system is an important addition for studying the adult mosquito community. The light trap is now one of the most commonly used methods for acquiring needed information.

Once the light trap is installed and observations and collections begin, information may be recorded with either the form, printed or by using the form online, the speed of information made available to labs and outside sources, increases considerably when it’s used online.

There are light trap sites utilized all over the United States. This form is uniform with regard to collection of specimen as well as observation information for study.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Blocks 1 through 3, complete as follows:

  • Date trap(s) is/are set
  • Date Specimens are collected
  • Collector – (collector’s name)

Step 2 – Section 4. – Weather Data. Complete all required blocks with weather information:

  • a. High (temperature)
  • b. Low (temperature)
  • c. Rainfall (measurements)
  • d. Wind Speed
  • e.Wind Direction

Step 3 – Sections 5 (Trap Number) and 6 a.b.c.d. (Number of males and females)

  • Trap Number
  • 6a. Males
  • b. Females
  • c. Nights
  • d. Females/Nights

Step 4 – Section 7-

Comments (regarding observations)

Step 5 – Specimens Sent to USAEHA For ID  – Complete blocks 8 and 9:

  • 8. – Date
  • 9. – Species

Step 6 – Section 10. – Pesticide Treatment Data – Complete boxes a, b and c as follows:

  • a. Date
  • b. Pesticide
  • c. Rate

Step 7 – Section 11

  • Method of Application

Step 8 – Section 12.-

  • Area(s) Treated (with pesticide)