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Download DA Form 8010-R, also known as Mosquito Collection Sites. This form is a part of a pest surveillance program conducted by the U.S. Army. Surveillance of pests such as mosquito surveillance, ticks, spiders and other pest are usually provided by a supervisory or consultative member of the Entomological Sciences (study of insects) section of the Army. This particular section only studies insect colonies, in this case, mosquito colonies and keeps record of activities with the Mosquito Collection form.

Once the collections are made the next step is to Identify submitted insect information.   Additionally, as a large part of a surveillance program, the Medical Entomology unit can submit identified mosquitoes, ticks, as well as other species for testing by the Pacific Pathogen Detection Laboratory. The purpose for this particular action would be to test for any bacteria and or viruses among other appropriate studies concerning health, medicine and how humans and animals may be affected by such colonies.

There are collection sites all over the United States, however the form is uniform with regard to collection of specimen for study.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Begin by establishing a record of collection, information is basic, collection procedures are important, however.

  • Once this record has been established at the first collection at the site, this will keep an ongoing record of information, fluctuation of number and larva, etc.
  • At each collection, under “collection method” establish the site and what form of collection is taking place.
  • Place the site number in the site number block
  • Place the code for the “grid” in which collection is taking place

Step 2 – In block c. under the “description” provide information, regarding any observations made during the visit and collection of information and samples.

  • Continue the record according to policy until all blocks are full.
  • Once the form is full, if study in the area is continuing, use another of the same form to continue providing appropriate information