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Download DA Form 78-R, also known as Recommendation For Promotion To 1LT/CW2. This form is designed to assist in recommending promotions to deserving officers. The Army provides a process that is centralized for promotions. It is commanders who hold the position of LTC or above who are authorized to promote deserving officers to 1LT and CW2.

How To Fill-In

Step 1- Officer Identification- Complete the information below with regard to the officer, whether he/she will or will not be eligible for promotion.

  • a. Name (Last, First, Middle initial format)
  • b. Social Security Number
  • c. Current Grade
  • d. Duty Position
  • e. Unit

Step 2 – Block 2 – Action By PSC- Fill in the following boxes within the block:

  • a. 2LT/WO1 ADOR
  • b. PED
  • c. EADC
  • d. Constructive Credit/AFCS  Prior To EADC
  • e. Date Forwarded To Recommending Official (yyyy/mm/dd format)

Step 3 – Block 3 – Action By Recommending Official – This section is to be completed by the Rater or Supervisor only:

  • a. Check the box reflecting whether or not the officer is recommended for promotion in the U.S. Army:
  • b. Place any remarks in the block provided that would be relevant or necessary
  • Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • d. Name /Grade
  • e. Signature

Step 4 – Block 4 –  Action By Approving Official (CDR, LTC Or Above)

  • a. Approving Official shall complete this block – choose from the three available options
  • b. Approving Official shall place remarks in the box reflecting approval or disapproval.
  • c. Date – yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • d. Name/Grade
  • e. Signature of Approving Official

Step 5 – Block 5 – Action By PAC- PAC Officer only:

  • a. Select the appropriate box – Referral – yes or no
  • b. Referral Complete On
  • c. Review For Accuracy And Forwarded To PSC Or PRA As Applicable

Step 6 – Block 6 – Action By Promotion Review Authority (PRA) If Applicable:

  • a. Select the appropriate box directing or denying promotion
  • b. Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • c. Name And Grade
  • d. Signature

Step 7 – Block 7 – Promotion Order Data

  • a. Orders Issuing Headquarters
  • b. Permanent Order Number
  • c. Paragraph Number
  • d. Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • e. Announcement is made of the following promotion in the U.S. Army by the authority of Title 10, USC Section 624 for 1LT and Section 578 for CW2, with ADOR of  (complete the blank line) and effective date of (place the effective date, yyyy/mm/dd format in the line provided for said date)
  • f. Orders Approval Authority (Name, Rank Title)
  • g. Signature

Step 8 – Block 8 – Distribution:

CDR PERSCOM, ATTN: TAPC-MSR, 200 Stovall Street, Alexandria, VA 22332-0400

  • Select Recommended File on S-Fiche or
  • Not Recommended

This form is fillable online or printable for manual use and/or sending.