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Download DA Form 7686, also known as Special Provisions J(S) Ice Service. This form addresses how the Government will provide ice service when ordered by the customer. It will also address the estimated frequency of delivery and units delivered in order to budget stock of ice for customers.

Step 1 – At the top of the form, above the title, you will enter the Contract/Agreement number in the box immediately to the right of the “attachment” statement.

Step 2 – Section 1. –  Estimated Requirements –

  • Estimated quantity – type into the box, the estimated quantity of ice needed per month, provided in units
  • Frequency of Deliveries – type into the box the estimated frequency of deliveries
  • The following box would be the days/weeks/months that ice service would be required.

Step 3 – Section 2 – Point of Delivery

  • Type the units of ice that shall be delivered to the customer, in the only box of section 2 and the manor in which it will be delivered

Step 4 – Section 3 – Service To Be Rendered

When ordered by the customer as described in paragraph 2 of the special provisions such ice ( type the value or text in the only box provided in section 3

Step 5 – Section 4 – Rates:

  • The rates to be charged the customer by the Government for the (type  the value or text into the box provided in this sentence) – ice service described herein are as follows:
  • In the larger box in section 4 – describe the rates for ice service, to the customer, in detail

Step 4 – Section 5 – Billing :

  • Read the agreement in Section 5

Step 5 – Section 6 – Alterations and Additions:

  • In the box provided in section 6, type in a description of alterations or additions to the ice service to be provided, if any