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Download DA Form 7683, also known as Special Provisions G(S) Hot Water Service. This is for installation engineers to use as guidance customer utility services and for customer reimbursements where required. This will serve also as guidance with regard to the calculation of utility rates and sales of utilities.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Estimated Requirements –

  • At the top of the form, above the title – Attached to and made a part of Contract/Agreement number- fill in the Contract/Agreement number in the box provided immediately to the right of the statement.
  • Place the estimated maximum demand in the box provided in section 1.
  • Place the estimated annual consumption in the box provided in section 1.

Step 2 – Point Of Delivery –  The point of delivery of hot water shall be the point of connection with Government’s hot water main located at:

  • Place the location of the Government’s water main in the box provided in section 2.

Step 3 – Description of Hot Water Service:

  • The government will supply the same quality of hot water  as supplied to – complete the first box under section 3. in answer
  • by means of it’s steam/hot water plant and distribution system located at the said: – Place the location in the second box under section 3.
  • The water temperature and pressure will be that normally maintained in Government’s hot water main at point of delivery –
  • approximately- type the value in units in the two third and fourth boxes under section 3.

Step 4 – Rates –

  • The rates to be charged the customer by the Government for the hot water service described herein, are as follows:
  • Use the box to explain the Government rates to the customer in detail.

Step 5 – Metering And Billing

  • Hot water will be measured by – fill in the box per unit (inch)

Step 6 – Alterations And Additions –

  • In the box provided in section 6 – describe any alterations or addition that will be provided, be specific.