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Download DA Form 61 also known as Application For Appointment. The purpose of this form is to obtain appointment in the position of warrant officer in the Army Reserve or the Army. This form may also be used to possibly obtain a selection to attend the U.S Army Officer Candidate School. All of the information on this form is voluntary, however, the form will not be accepted if there is failure to disclose all information that is required.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Type Of Appointment For Which Application Is Submitted:

  • Check the box that applies (according to this particular form, all applicants must choose “Warrant Officer – Army Reserve”

Step 2 – Governing Regulation Or Circular:

  • Enter the appropriate number

Step 3 – Grade For Which Applying:

Enter the current status (this is for reserve appointment only)

Step 4 – Source Of Application (ROTC ONLY) fill in the following:

  • DMG
  • Date Designated (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • Scholarship (enter 1.2.3 or 4 years)

Step 5 – Section 5- Only For Applicants For Appointment As Warrant Officers:

  • a. List choice by MOS code
  • b. MOS Title
  • If you are properly qualified, you may enter up to 3 MOS codes and titles. List MOS selections in order of preference. Listing more than one may require additional processing time.

Step 6 – Branch And Specialty Preferences:

  • For all Army (regular), Officers and ROTC graduates, you must list in numerical order 10 branch preferences outside of CA and SS
  • For all USAR  applicants, should you apply for specific reserve vacancies you need to only indicate the branch of the position in which there is a vacancy.
  • All other applicants may enter multiple branches

Step 7 – Personal Data – In this section all blocks must be completed, failure to provide all of the required information will, in fact, result in non-acceptance of this form. You must provide all of the following information. Beginning with block 7:

  • Name (last, first, MI format)
  • Grade
  • Social Security Number
  • Branch- (MOS or WO)
  • Total Years Active Service
  • Number of Dependents Under 18 Years Of Age
  • Selective Service Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Sex
  • Complete Military Address (if currently on active duty- include zip code) In the same box include email address, telephone number and DSN
  • Permanent Address ( if different from military address )
  • U.S Citizen (yes or no)
  • Native (yes or no)
  • Naturalized (derived or immigrant)
  • Applicant’s Certificate Number (If box b. was checked – date, place and court)

Step 8 – Civilian Education (see page 3 for professional personnel requirements) fill in the following:

  • High School Graduate (yes or no)
  • Name And Address Of High School
  • Name And Location Of Each College Or University (include USMA, USMMA, USNA,USFA USCGA)
  • Degree
  • Semester Credits
  • Years Attended
  • Date Graduated Or Will Graduate (day, month, year)
  • Degree
  • Special Education Honors, Scholarships, Etc.
  • If You Have Ever Been Expelled From School, Placed On Probation Either For Academic Or Disciplinary Reasons Explain (with remarks in item 41)

Step 9 – Highest Level Of Service School Attended

  • a. Name Of School
  • b. Course
  • c. Dates From and To (month and year)
  • Completed (yes or no)
  • If Not Completed Give Reason
  • Foreign Language And Degree Of Proficiency
  • ALAT Score (if it applies)

Step 10 –  Block 24. Answer – Have You Now, Or Have You Ever Been A Conscientious Observer? (yes or no)

  • Read block 25 carefully and place an X for both boxes of both paragraphs, if you agree.

Step 11 – Active Military Service (indicate four with each organization separately – ROTC Camps in item 39)

  • a. Organization
  • b. Dates, From and To (day, month, year)
  • c. Branch/MOS (as appropriate)
  • d. Prior Service Number
  • e. Highest Grade And Component
  • Date Current Active Duty Tour Terminates
  • Date Of Last ADL Promotion

Step 12 – Section 28 –  Reserve Or National Guard Service (Not on active duty) Complete the following:

  • a.Organization
  • b. Dates From and To (day, month, year)
  • c. Branch/MOS (as appropriate)
  • d. Prior Service Number
  • e. Highest Grade And Component

Step 13 – Section 29 – Source Of Current Commission (If applicable) – check the appropriate box

  • Awards (do not list theater or service medals)
  • Block 31- Read and check the appropriate yes or no answer
  • a. ROTC (yes or no)
  • b. OCS (yes or no)
  • c. Appointment In Reserve Component (yes or no)
  • d. Appointment In Regular Army (yes or no)
  • If Answer Is “Yes” Explain Fully
  • Section 32- Read And Answer Yes Or No
  • Section 33 – Read Entire Block And Answer Yes Or No

Step 14 – Section 34. – Applicants For Judge Advocate General Corps Only

  • Bars Of Which You Are A Member (specify dates)
  • Section 35. – Applicants For Chaplains Branch Only
  • Religious Denomination By Which You Will Be Endorsed
  • Section 36. – Applicants for Medical And Dental Corps Only:
  • a. Training Level And Type
  • b. Name And Location Of Hospital
  • c. Date (Month And Year)
  • d. Specialty Boards
  • e. Dates Of Certification (day, month, year)
  • Section 37 – Applicants For Army Nurse And Army Specialist Corps Only:
  • a. Name Of Nursing Or Accredited Professional School
  • b. Location
  • c. Dates Of Attendance – From And To (month and year)
  • d. State And Current Registration Number
  • e. State And Date Of Initial Registration
  • f. Post Graduate Courses
  • 1. Subject Or Course
  • 2. Name And Location Of School Or Hospital
  • 3. Semester Credits Earned
  • 4. Dates Of Attendance (month and year)
  • Section 38. – Have You Been Employed By The US Army As A Dietitian Or Physical Therapist (yes or no – if “Yes” give dates)
  • Section 37.- Army ROTC Only (to be completed only by prospective ROTC graduates applying for appointment in USAR or RA)
  • Course
  • a.Basic
  • b.Advanced
  • Dates Attended – From And To (month and year)
  • c. Camp Training
  • 1. Installation Basic – Completion Date (month and year)
  • 2. Installation Advanced – Completion Date (month and year)
  • Section 40. – Main Civilian Employment
  • a. Name And Address Of Employer
  • b. Job Title
  • c. Month And Year – From And To
  • d. Principal Duties (describe briefly)
  • Section 41.- Remarks From Commander
  • Read “Remarks” Instructions And Complete Accordingly
  • Read Section 42.-  If you agree:
  • Date
  • Signature Of Applicant