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Download DA Form 54 also known as Record Of Personal Effects. This form is completed when personal effects of a member of military is deceased, captured or missing and are being returned to a family member or other recipient. When completing this form it’s important to be certain that all personal effect items and funds are listed.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Fill in blocks 1 through 7 as follows:

  • Name (of decedent, captured and/or missing individual. Provide in last name, first name, MI format)
  • Grade
  • Organization
  • Status (missing, deceased or captured)
  • Date Of Status
  • Place

Step 2 – In Section 8, Inventory Of Effects, all personal effects must be listed and accounted for:

  • a. Quantity ( of item(s) to be listed in column a.)
  • b. Item (specify each item individually)

Step 3 – Section 9 a., Funds/Negotiable Instruments.

  • Specify to whom funds/negotiable instruments have been transmitted

Step 4 – Section 9 b., Funds Deposited Or Otherwise Disposed Of, fill in:

  • Amount And Description
  • Disposition (state the final destination of the funds)

Step 5 – Blocks 10 through 11:

  • Effects Shipped To (include the name and shipping address of recipient)
  • Date And Method Of Shipment (include registry number, B/L number etc.)

Step 6 – Summary Court Or Commanding Officer’s Representative, complete blocks a. through d. (section 12.):

  • a. Signature
  • b. Type Name And Grade
  • c. Date
  • d. Organization

Step 7 – Section 13 – This section is for the recipient to acknowledge, sign and date in blocks a. through c.:

  • Recipient must read block 13
  • Signature (recipient must acknowledge receiving all items in blocks 8 and 9, by signature in section 13 block a.)
  • Print Or Type Name Of Recipient (in section 13, block b.)
  • Date (section 13 block c.)

This form is fillable online or printable for manual use.