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Download DA Form 8-272 also known as the Centralized Materiel Section Non-Expendable Technical Equipment Chargeout Record. This is a simple form to fill in. It is used for the purpose of preparing non-expendable military equipment, that is in disrepair to be repaired, and/or a replacement will be provided. By signature on this form, direct responsibility is established.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – In order to fill in, the proper authority may begin by providing:

  •  The Name of Equipment
  • Item Number

Step 2 – On the next line provide the name of the person filling in this form:

  •  Requester
  •  Ward

Step 3 – Name of the person who accepted the item in disrepair under:

  •  Received By

Step 4 – Under the section “Forwarded To Maintenance For Repairs,” if the item is being forwarded fill in:

  • Date Forwarded

If the item is being returned after being repaired or if a replacement has been supplied in it’s stead, fill in:

  •  Date Returned

Non-Expendable military equipment will generally be items that are larger ticket items that are not easily replaced due to the fact that the expense to replace these item as new is often prohibitive. Therefore it’s necessary to attempt repair before replacement. If repair is not possible, the item will be replaced with other refurbished equipment, if possible. If neither option is available, new equipment may be necessary.