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Download the DA Form 5 – 130 also known as Flood Prediction. This form provides a record of flood stage monitoring during  storms or other events that may be potentially dangerous and may likely cause flooding. The DA Form 5 -130 assist in prediction of what may occur with rising water and flood stages.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – The user of this form would begin by filling in section 1, Flood Prediction, as required. In the “Flood Prediction” block, choose any of the three boxes that apply to a particular event, then fill in the following:

  • Date and/or Time
  • Station
  • Name and location of stream
  • Gage – Reading and Stage

Step 2 – Under “Precipitation,” record the following:

  •  Time (that monitoring had begun)
  •  Observed Over Basin
  •  Predicted Additional
  •  Total Used In Flood Prediction

Step 3 – In the section “Predicted River Stages” all measurement is required to be entered in feet. Also document the following:


  • Time (measurement occurs)
  • Interval (in which measurements are acquired)
  • Starting
  • Peak Stage
  • Time

Step 4 – In the section titled “Expected Duration Of Stages And Maximum Surface Velocities” stages and velocities will be recorded in intervals:


  • Feet
  • Hours
  • Starting (time of measurement)
  • Ending (time of measurement)


  • Ft/Sec
  • Hours
  • Starting (time of gauge)
  • Ending (time of gauge)
  • Flood Stages Begin At (how many feet)
  • Approaches To Bridge At Gage Flooded (at how many feet)
  • Bridge Floor Elevation Equivalent To Stage (record in feet)

Indicate Maximum Feet:

  • Surface Velocity ( in Ft/sec)
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Time of Occurrence

Step 5 – To Be Used By Centralized Prediction Service Or More Than One Gage. In this section provide:

  • Flood Prediction Service For ( agency name)
  • Time (of service)

Last  Observed Stage, provide the following for each section of columns:

  • Gage Name
  • Last Observed Stage
  • Feet  and Time

Stage Predicted:

  • Feet and Time
  • Estimated Peak
  • Feet and Time
  • Weather Forecast
  • Time (of forecast)
  • Remarks –  that may be important regarding the data provided collectively or individually.

Step 6 – 

  • Type Or Print Name And Title of Preparing Official
  • Signature (of preparing official)