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Download DA Form 31, also known as Request And Authority For Leave, is a military form  that is needed to acquire permission for temporary leave. If requesting temporary leave from the military, once completed, you must submit this form to your company commander, respectively, 29 days or more prior to your requested time of travel. This form is fillable online or print for manual completion.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Section 1 at the top right of the form:

  • This will ask for your control number

Step 2 – Proceed by filling in blocks 2 through 8 as follows:

  • Name (last name, first name, MI format)
  • Social Security Number
  • Rank
  • Date (current)
  • Leave Address (include city, state and zip code at the location where leave will be taken)
  • Type Of Leave ( check the box appropriate to the type of leave that will be taken)
  • Origin Station and Phone Number (it’s vital that you do provide a telephone number at the station where the leave will be taken)

Step 3 – Skip over “Number Days Leave” and go to blocks 14 though 16. This will require the signature of the approving authority. Fill in:

  • Date (you must file the dates of arrival at the location you will be during your leave)
  • Time ( of arrival at your destination)
  • Move to the last row and provide:
  • Date (of return from leave)
  • Time (of return from leave)
  • On both lines, top and bottom of this section, you must acquire:
  • Name/Title/Signature Of Departure Authority
  • Name/Title/Signature Of Return Authority

Step 4 – Move to Part lll – Dependent Travel Authorization. If you will be traveling with dependents you must complete blocks 25., a.,b.,c. and d.:

  • Dependents (list in last name, first name, MI format)
  • Relationship (to the listed individual(s)
  • Dates Of Birth (for each dependent)
  • Passport Numbers (for each dependent)

Step 5 – Submit to your respective authority for authorization.

  • Should you need to change your destination while you are on leave, you must notify your commander immediately
  • When it’s time to return to your duty station, you must return no later that 2400 hours on the last day of your leave
  • In the event you find that you will require medical treatment during your leave you must report to and acquire medical treatment at the nearest medical facility


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