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Download DA Form 17 also known as Requisition For Publications And Blank Forms. This form is used for the specific purpose of acquiring military publications or blank forms. This for is for local, unclassified use only. This form is fillable online and/or printable for manual use.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – To begin, fill in the blocks at the top of the form:

  • Date Of Requisition
  • Requisition Number
  • Name Of Agency If Different From “Ship To” Address
  • Account Number

Step 2 – Fill in blocks 1 through 6:

  • Type of Requisition (check one of the boxes “regular” or “special” (whichever would apply)
  • Justification for Special Requisition (only special requisitions)
  • Required Date (Use the Julian date ie: 05/01/2015 converts to 15122)
  • Items Requested Hereon (check appropriate box(es)
  • “To” (address to include 9-digit zip code)
  • “Ship To” (complete address, including 9 digit zip code

Step 3 – Section 7, “Requirements” –  fill in the following:

  • Line Number
  • Numerical Designation of  Requisitioned Item
  • Unit (this is for forms only)
  • Quantity Required (how many forms are needed)

Step 4 – Block 8:

  • Type Name And Grade of Commanding Officer, Adjutant, Publications or Property Officer

Step 5 –  Section 9 “Supply Action By Source” Under Special Action, fill in:

  • With each item you would check either box a.”Ship” or b.”DO”
  • Fill in the special action

Step 6 – Blocks 10 through 17; Once the columns are completed fill in or check the appropriate box according to what is required in each of the following blocks:

  • Shipped By (check appropriate box)
  • Cartons ( number of)
  • Boxes (number of)
  • Weight
  • Date Shipped
  • B L Or Registry Number
  • 16.a. Edited By
  • 16. b.Date
  • 17.a. Filled By
  • 17.b. Date

Check to be certain that the form has been properly filled in. Email or send to the local agency.