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Download DA Form 17-1 also known as Requisition For Publications And Blank Forms (Continuation Sheet). This is a form to be used in the event DA Form 17 has been filled in and additional space is required to continue the publications requisition. This is the only form to be used for continuation. A blank page or any other type of document to continue the list of publications and/or blank forms is prohibited. These forms are fillable online or printable for manual completion and sending.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 –  Fill in the top row of blocks to continue a DA Form 17 requisition as follows:

  • Date of Requisition (current date)
  • Page ____ of ____ pages – Since there will be multiple pages for the requisition specify the page number of how many pages this requisition will contain. (ie: Page 2 of 5 pages depending upon how many pages you will have once the requisition is completed.
  • Account Number
  • Requisition Number (to be assigned by Supply Source)

Step 2 – Under “Requirements” there will be four columns that will require information and must be filled in to complete the requisition for processing:

  • Line Number
  • Numerical Designation Of Requisitioned Item
  • Unit (this is for forms only)
  • Quantity Required

Step 3 – Supply Action By Source – this can be found just to the right of the “Requirements” columns. This section contains three columns. Fill in each of the columns as required next to each item being requisitioned:

  • a. Ship
  • b. DO
  • Under “Other Action” state any other action that would be required for this requisition, per item, if any.

Step 4 – Once all of the requisitions forms and publications have been placed into the form, at the bottom there will be four more required blocks:

  • Edited By (place the name of the person editing the order in this block)
  • Date (current date of editing)
  • Filled By (name of person who actually filled in the form)
  • Date (current date)

Step 5 – The completed DA Form 17-1 may now be joined with the initial DA Form 17 either in a folder or file on the computer for emailing or may be printed off for sending by mail. If the requisition is still incomplete simply print or fill another DA 17-1 and repeat the instructions until requisition is complete. Again, this is for local use only.