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Download DA Form 12-R. This form is used to establish an account to receive military publications. Once completed and approved, one would be able to order and receive military publications or route them to the appropriate location. This form is fillable online and printable for manual completion.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – It’s important that all appropriate blocks to your agency or unit are properly filled. Complete step 1 as follows in blocks 1,2 and 3:

  • Account Number – leave this block blank as you are applying for an account number and won’t have one available currently
  • Date – fill in today’s date
  • Type of Submission- check the “initial” box

Step 2 – Blocks 4,5 and 6, fill in as follows:

  • “From” – there are 24 characters available for this block so abbreviate where possible. Using no personal names, fill in the street address with 9-Digit Zip Code (no PO boxes)
  • “Thru”- Adhering to local routing rules, fill in the physical address with 9-Digit Zip Code
  • “To”- Send to Account Processing, DOL- W MDD

Step 3 –  Blocks 7 a. and 7 b. check appropriate boxes:

  • 7 a. – Request An Account Be Established For The Following Service – here you would check boxes “Publications” and “Blank Forms”
  • 7 b. – Justification For Blank Forms – there will be no needed justification for any unclassified accounts, Active Army accounts or any Army Reserve account. The only exception would be any account being serviced with the Centralized Forms Stockroom located in Europe otherwise, adhere to accounts established locally and any  established approval and routing authority policies.
  • Anyone completing this form will place email addresses in this box.

Step 4 –  In first blocks on the continued page a. through g. only three blocks must be completed:

  • In block b. – Enter a TDA or TOE number
  • In block c. – Enter a supply or personnel office by entering a UIC number
  • In block g. – Non-Army users enter a DoD Activity Address Code or a Naval UIC

Step 5 – In section 8 the first block:

  • Enter the the name of the person who will manage the account
  • Section 8 block b. enter the signature of the manager of the account
  • Block c. enter both commercial and DSN telephone numbers for the person managing the account
  • In block 10 – “Request The Following Classification Level For This Account” – check box unclassified and place an X in the box marked confidential
  • Nothing else is required on this page

Step 6 –  Next page – Section ll – Request The Following Classification For This Account:

Check the “Unclassified” box and put an X in “Confidential” box

In box 11 CONFIDENTIAL ACCOUNTS ONLY read the top box in block 11 – then type the name, grade and title of the person who will manage the account

In block b. provide a signature of the person handling the confidential account (a security officer is responsible for securing and maintaining the account

Leave section lll blank

Step 7 – Section lV – Authenticating Officials:

  • Block 13 a. – Type the name, grade and the title of the unit commander, head of the agency, command level. This officer must complete and sign this section. Include the commercial and DSN telephone numbers
  • Block 14 a. – Your PSM, PCO or designated DOIM must complete and sign these blocks- include both the commercial and DSN telephone numbers
  • Blank forms may be requested during the establishment of the account or you may upgrade later to include blank forms. No separate account is required for blank forms

If any changes occur, submit an updated DA Form 12-R.  With regard to change of address for confidential and secret accounts, it is vital that the security officer only, complete a change of address as soon as possible, to the Publication Control Officer.