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Download Form DA 11-2. This form will serve as documentation for the required evaluations within any assessable unit or reporting agency. This form will identify areas for the year that require evaluation. Supporting documentation will be required.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – The responsible official will fill in the form beginning with the following blocks:

  • Regulation Number
  • Date of Regulation
  • Assessable Unit
  • Function (of assessable unit)

Step 2 – Method Of Evaluation (check applicable boxes). If any boxes do apply fill in the box accordingly:

  • a. Checklist
  • b. Alternative Method (if completing this box indicate the method)
  • Appendix (enter the applicable letter)

Step 3 – Fill in the information regarding the person conducting the evaluation:

  • Name ( in Last/First/MI format)
  • Date of Evaluation

Step 4 – The remarks for this section are mandatory. Use attachment sheet:

  • Describe the methods that are being used that will test key controls
  • Describe any weaknesses that may have been detected during the evaluation
  • Describe any corrective action or actionss that have been taken (if any)

Step 5 – Method of Testing Controls-

  • Check all of the boxes that apply
  • If “other” is chosen, an explanation is required
  • b. Evaluation Results (include any specific items that have been tested.
  • c. Internal Control Deficiencies Detected, If Any (in this box, if needed include any potential material weaknesses)
  • d. Describe Corrective Actions Taken, If Any (describe, in this box any corrective actions taken, use attachment if necessary)

Step 6 – Certification:

  • The preparing official must read the certification information
  • If the official understands and agrees, the official must then type his/her name and title
  • Sign in the signature line
  • Provide the date of certification in the “Date of Certification” box
  • Include any supporting documentation with the DA Form 11-2