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Download the  DA Form 1059, also known as the Service School Academic Evaluation Report. This form is used by raters and reviewing officer to evaluate the progress of a student attending Service School.  Once a student has completed a course, the rater and reviewing officer will evaluate performance and address strengths and weaknesses to assist the student in better achieving their goals.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Complete blocks 1 through 10 for administrative reporting as follows, begin by placing today’s date in the top right corner of the form:

  • Date (yyyy/mm/dd)
  • 1. Last Name – First Name – Middle Initial
  • 2. Social Security Number
  • 3. Rank
  • 4. Branch
  • 5. Specialty/MOSC
  • 6. Course Title
  • 7. Name Of School
  • 8. Component
  • 9. This Is A Referred Report, Do You Wish To Make Comments? (check the appropriate box, if “yes” attach” comments on an attached sheet or through attachment)
  • 10. Duration Of Course – (yyyy/mm/dd “From and “Thru” dates)

Step 2 – Block 11. – Performance Summary – This section will evaluate student performance by simply reading the rating possibilities and checking the appropriate box. Selections are:

  • a. Exceeded Course Standards (limited to 20% of class enrollment)
  • b. Achieved Course Standards
  • c.Marginally Achieved Course Standards
  • d. Failed To Achieve Course Standards
  • (rating must be supported by comments in ITEM 14)

Step 3 – Block 12. – Demonstrated Abilities – Rate the student by checking the appropriate box for each of the following:

  • a. Written Communication
  • b. Oral Communication
  • c. Leadership Skills
  • d. Contribution To Group Work
  • e. Evaluation Of Student’s Research Ability
  • ( Superior or Unsat ratings must be supported by comments in ITEM 14)

Step 4 – Block 13 – Regarding  Student Potential For Promotion:

  • Answer the question in block 13., by checking the appropriate box
  • (If the answer is “no” response must be supported by comments in ITEM 14)

Step 5 – Block 14. – Comments – This section is designed for the rater to provide an academic portrait of sorts, with regard to their academic performance.

  • Read the full instructions in the comments block and respond appropriately and completely.
  • Remember to include any comments that may be needed from blocks 11.,12. and 13.

Step 6 – Section 15. – Authentication – Complete information and signatures to authenticate the form information:

  • a. Typed Name, Grade, Branch And Title of Rater
  • Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • Signature (of rater)
  • b. Typed Name, Grade, Branch And Title Of Reviewing Officer
  • Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • Signature (of reviewing officer)
  • c. Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)
  • Signature Of Rated Soldier

This form is fillable online and/or printable for manual use and sending.


Adobe PDF