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Download DA Form 1045, also known as The Army Ideas For Excellence Program (AIEP) Proposal. This form is designed for soldiers and employees to submit ideas to improve current procedures. This is the standard procedure for submitting ideas for change by voluntarily participating in the improvement of management. It’s created to encourage change in policies and procedures that no longer facilitate good management.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Suggester Information – Complete blocks a. through i. as follows:

  • a. Name Of Suggester (Last, First, MI format)
  • b. Social Security Number
  • c. Grade
  • d. Position
  • e. Title
  • f. Installation Or Activity (complete office address)
  • g. Telephone Number (AV and Office)
  • h. Home Address ( if you prefer to have communications on the suggestion sent to that address)
  • i. Suggester Status (check appropriate box)

Step 2 – Section 2 – Read the Acknowledgement block. If you agree proceed to:

  • a. Signature of Suggester
  • b. Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)

Step 3 – Section 3- Suggestion Information- complete in writing, blocks a. through f.:

a. Subject Of Suggestion

  • b. Prescribing Directive And Date (if applicable)
  • c. Leave Blank- This is for the program coordinator to assign
  • d. Describe Current Procedure (if more space is needed, continue on a separate sheet)
  • e. Describe Proposed Procedure
  • f. Benefits If Adopted

Step 4 – Program Coordinator Acknowledgement

  • a. Signature
  • b. Date (yyyy/mm/dd format)


The form below is fillable online or printable for manual use and/or sending.