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Download DA Form 10-161, also referred to as the ‘Industrial Storage Battery Service Record’ to establish record keeping for batteries for military vehicles. Each monthly cycle requires check ups for military vehicle batteries to ensure safety and proper operational ability. This form, once established will go with the battery wherever it goes for purpose of comparison and record keeping.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – Under the “Battery” columns record:

  • The number created for and placed on the battery
  • The type of battery (ie: lead or alkaline)

Step 2 – Under Charger Number:

  • Record the number printed on the charger

Step 3 – The next column would require:

  • The date in which the battery is being inspected in yyyy/dd/mm format

Step 4 – In the next column record:

  • Time On

Step 5 – Column 6 requires:

  • Indication as to whether or not water needed to be added to the battery

Step 6 – As the battery is started:

  • Record the Starting Rate Amperes

Step 7 – It is required to test:

  • The Lead Battery Specific Gravity

Step 8 – In column 9:

  • Test and record Alkaline Battery Test Fork results

Step 10 – As you end the testing procedure:

  • Record Time Off

Step 11 – Once physical testing has been completed, record the following:

  • Any repairs that may have been required
  • Any materials that were used to test and/or repair the battery
  • Record any remarks regarding what the next technician may need to be aware of

Once the battery has been examined and the record has been completed it is important to remember that the Industrial Storage Battery Service Record follow the battery wherever it goes and is available for the next person to service. Place this form in the vehicle or on/near the battery.