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Download DA Form 6, also known as a Duty Roster Form, designed for U.S Army leaders to schedule and track work schedules for soldiers at all levels . It’s used to determine equal and fair duty assignments. The DA 6 is an excellent tool for commanders to provide procedures and methods that would best meet the needs of their particular organization as long as they remain in compliance. This form, will maintain records of all duties performed by soldiers under any level of command.

How To Fill-In

Step 1 – In the Nature of Duty block:

  • Fill in the description of the required duty

Step 2 – In the next box situated horizontally titled “Organization,”:

  • Enter your company’s letter assignment and branch of service

Step 3 –  The next block will require that you:

  • Enter the date the duty will begin in the “From” block
  • Date the duty will end in the “To” block.

Step 4 – Under the “Grade” and “Name” columns:

  • Enter first the rank
  • The name of each soldier who would be included on this particular duty roster.

The names would be listed alphabetically in a vertical fashion on the left of the form.

Step 5 – Define assignments for each soldier:

  • Create a number key. (ie: 1.2.3)
  • Place it next to the soldier’s name in the column. This number should, within a one month period, correspond with a date of stated duty

Step 6 – If there are special circumstances with regard to one specific soldier:

  • Provide a letter key for the circumstance that would cause a shift in the soldier’s responsibility with that duty.
  • If there are troops who are absent with authorization, the letter representing this circumstance is “A.”
  • If there are soldiers who have already been presented with a duty that is overriding this duty, you would place a letter “D” next to their name.  
  • If there is a soldier or soldiers in custody or AWOL, you would select letter “U” and place it next to their name in the roster.