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Download Form I-134, also known as Affidavit of Support to assist aliens who are seeking admission or an adjustment as a permanent resident and need the assistance of a sponsor. This form may also be used in any situation in which you are not admissible based on public charge grounds, but also  in a case whereas you are not required to have Form I-864 filed on his/her behalf. Complete this form entirely and as accurately as possible. You must only use black ink to complete this form.

How To Write

Step 1 – Begin by completing the first 10 blanks as follows:

  • I, (place your name in the line to the right)
  • residing at, (Place the street number and street name on the line to the right)
  • City –  (place the city name on the “city” line
  • State –  (place the state, on this line
  • Zip Code – (if located inside of the United States)
  • Country – (State the country you’re in currently)

Step 2 – Certify under penalty of perjury under U.S law, that: (be advised that any false information placed on this form is being certified by your statements – be certain that all information is correct)

  • 1. I was born on – Date mm/dd yyyy  – in – (place the name of the city you were born in, on the “city” line) – On the “state” line, place the name of the state you were born in.
  • (If a U.S. citizen based on your birth in the United State, or a non-citizen U.S. national based on your birth in American Samoa (including Swain Islands), answer the following appropriate to your situation)
  • a. If a U.S. citizen through naturalization, place the Certificate of Naturalization number on the line to the right
  • b. If a U.S. citizen through parent(s) or marriage, provide Certificate of Citizenship number on the line to the right
  • c. If U.S. citizenship was derived by some other method, on a separate sheet of paper attach a statement of explanation. Once complete, sign and date that added sheet.
  • d. If a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States- provide a number on the line to the right
  • e. If a lawfully admitted non-immigrant, provide Form I-94, Arrival-Departure Record number on the line to the right
  • 2. I am (enter your age on this line) years of age and have resided in the United States since (place the date you arrived in the U.S. on this line (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • 3. This affidavit is executed on behalf of the following person:
  • Name (family name)
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Citizen of (what country is this person a citizen of ie: India)
  • Marital Status (married or single
  • Relationship to Sponsor (ie; Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Cousin etc.)
  • Presently Resides at (Provide the street name and number)
  • City (of street address)
  • State (what state are you residing in)
  • Country (what country are you in)

Step 3 – Name of spouse and children accompanying or following to join person – (provide the names/gender/age/spouse/children  in the blocks provided. Name one person’s information per block

  • Read sections 4.,5.,6., carefully as you will be held responsible for the people listed, financially, physically etc.

Step 4 – Page 2 – Section 7.  – Complete the following:

  • 7. I am employed as or engaged in the business of (enter your profession or job on this line)
  • with – (enter the name of the company you are employed with)
  • at – (enter the street number and the name of the street)-
  • (enter the name of the city you reside in on the “city” line – enter the state – enter the zip code
  • Addressing Income – Read each sentence regarding your income  and enter the appropriate number for the next 7 lines.
  • With mortgage(s) or other encumbrances (financial responsibilities) thereon amounting to – (after adding your financial responsibilities, enter the expenditure number in the line in dollar amount.)
  • Which is located at – simply place N/A on this line

Step 5 – Section 8 – The following persons are dependent upon me for support (complete the following columns, selecting the appropriate box as to whether the person is “wholly dependent” or “partially dependent” Also enter the age and relationship of each person entered.)

Step 6 – Section 9 – I have previously submitted affidavit(s) of support for the following person(s):

  • Name of Person(s) (enter the name of any person for whom you have submitted affidavit(s) for in the past
  • Date Submitted (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • If you have not submitted affidavit(s) before simply enter “None”

Step 7 – Section 10. -I have submitted a visa petition(s) to U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services on behalf of the following persons:

  • Name of Person -(enter the name of the person in this block)
  • Relationship – (enter your relationship to the persons named on this affidavit )
  • Date Submitted – (enter the date of submission mm/dd/yyyy)

Step 8 – Section 11. – Considering those named in section 3 check the appropriate box as to whether you intend or do not intend  to make specific contributions to the support of said persons:

  • If you do select “intend” expand on exactly what it is that you are willing to provide, from money, room and board to clothing, transportation etc.

Step 9 – Oath or Affirmation of Sponsor – This is the final step on this form. Read very carefully. You are certifying under penalty of perjury under United States law that the contents of this document are true and correct:

  • Once you have read the Oath – the Sponsor, must provide signature to the “Signature of Sponsor” line provided
  • Provide the date the Oath is being taken mm/dd/yyyy



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