Chapter 26. Protection of Persons Under Disability and Their Property; Powers of Attorney

Section 1. Adoption of Standards of Practice.

Section 5. Definitions and Use of Terms.

Section 10. Jurisdiction of Subject Matter; Consolidation of Proceedings.

Section 13. Court Records of Proceedings; Access; Sealing.

Section 15. Facility of Payment or Delivery.

Section 20. Delegation of Powers By Parent or Guardian.

Section 25. Appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem.

Section 30. Status of Guardian of Minor; General.

Section 35. Testamentary Appointment of Guardian of Minor.

Section 40. Objection By Minor of 14 or Older to Testamentary Appointment.

Section 45. Court Appointment of Guardian of Minor; Conditions For Appointment.

Section 50. Court Appointment of Guardian of Minor; Venue.

Section 55. Court Appointment of Guardian of Minor; Qualifications; Priority of Minor's Nominee and Adult Family Member.

Section 60. Court Appointment of Guardian of Minor; Procedure.

Section 62. Subsidized Guardianship; Procedure.

Section 64. Guardianship After Voluntary Relinquishment; Procedure.

Section 65. Consent to Service By Acceptance of Appointment; Notice; Letters of Guardianship Requirement.

Section 70. Powers and Duties of Guardian of Minor.

Section 75. Termination of Appointment of Guardian; General.

Section 80. Proceedings Subsequent to Appointment; Venue.

Section 85. Resignation or Removal Proceedings; Appointment of Attorney For Minor.

Section 90. Purpose and Basis For Guardianship.

Section 95. Testamentary Appointment of Guardian For Incapacitated Person.

Section 100. Venue.

Section 105. Petition.

Section 106. Initial Court Procedures.

Section 107. Notice of Rights of Respondent.

Section 108. Visitor's Report.

Section 109. Evaluations: Right to Remain Silent; Respondent's Attorney or Expert.

Section 110. Findings; Order of Appointment. [Repealed, Sec. 21 Ch 83 SLA 1981. For Current Law See AS 13.26.116

Section 111. Duties and Powers of Attorney of Ward or Respondent.

Section 112. Appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem. [Repealed, Sec. 31 Ch 84 SLA 2004].

Section 113. Hearing and Determination.

Section 114. Psychotropic Medication Influencing Wards or Respondents at Judicial Hearings.

Section 115. Acceptance of Appointment; Consent to Jurisdiction.

Section 116. Guardianship Order.

Section 117. Guardianship Implementation Report.

Section 118. Other Reports.

Section 120. Termination of Guardianship For Incapacitated Person.

Section 125. Removal or Resignation of Guardian; Change in or Termination of Guardianship.

Section 130. Visitor in Guardianship Proceeding. [Repealed, Sec. 21 Ch 83 SLA 1981. For Current Law See AS 13.26.106

Section 131. Costs in Guardianship Proceedings.

Section 135. Notices in Guardianship Proceedings.

Section 140. Temporary Guardians; Authorization of Services.

Section 141. Emergency Powers.

Section 145. Who May Be Guardian; Priorities.

Section 150. General Powers and Duties of Guardian.

Section 155. Proceedings Subsequent to Appointment; Venue.

Section 165. Protective Proceedings.

Section 170. Protective Proceedings; Jurisdiction of Affairs of Protected Persons.

Section 175. Venue.

Section 180. Original Petition For Appointment or Protective Order.

Section 185. Notice.

Section 190. Protective Proceedings; Request For Notice; Interested Person.

Section 195. Procedure Concerning Hearing and Order On Original Petition.

Section 200. Permissible Court Orders.

Section 205. Protective Arrangements and Single Transactions Authorized.

Section 210. Who May Be Appointed Conservator; Priorities.

Section 215. Bond.

Section 220. Terms and Requirements of Bonds.

Section 225. Acceptance of Appointment; Consent to Jurisdiction; Notice.

Section 230. Compensation and Expenses.

Section 235. Death, Resignation, or Removal of Conservator.

Section 240. Petitions For Orders Subsequent to Appointment.

Section 245. General Duty of Conservator.

Section 250. Inventory, Implementation Report, and Records.

Section 255. Accounts.

Section 257. Visitor Reports.

Section 260. Conservators; Title By Appointment.

Section 265. Recording of Conservator's Letters.

Section 270. Sale, Encumbrance, or Transaction Involving Conflict of Interest; Voidable; Exceptions.

Section 275. Persons Dealing With Conservators; Protection.

Section 280. Powers of Conservator in Administration.

Section 285. Distributive Duties and Powers of Conservator.

Section 290. Enlargement or Limitation of Powers of Conservator.

Section 295. Preservation of Estate Plan.

Section 300. Claims Against Estate and Protected Person; Enforcement.

Section 305. Individual Liability of Conservator.

Section 310. Termination of Proceeding.

Section 315. Payment of Debt and Delivery of Property to Foreign Conservator Without Local Proceedings.

Section 320. Foreign Conservators.

Section 325. , 13.26.330. Death or Disability. [Repealed, Sec. 3 Ch 109 SLA 1988].

Section 332. Statutory Form Power of Attorney.

Section 335. Additional Optional Provisions to Statutory Form Power of Attorney.

Section 338. Completion of Statutory Form Power of Attorney.

Section 341. Applicability of Provisions of Statutory Form Power of Attorney.

Section 344. Interpretation of Provisions in Statutory Form Power of Attorney.

Section 347. Validity of Modified Statutory Form Power of Attorney.

Section 350. When Statutory Form Power of Attorney is Not Affected By Disability or Incompetence of Principal.

Section 353. Provisions Applicable to Statutory Form Power of Attorney.

Section 356. Powers of Attorney Not Revoked Until Notice of Death or Disability.

Section 358. Powers of Attorney Held By Public Home Care Providers.

Section 360. Purpose.

Section 370. Public Guardian.

Section 380. Powers and Duties of Public Guardian.

Section 390. Intervention By Public Guardian.

Section 400. Staff; Delegation of Powers and Duties.

Section 410. Allocation of Costs of Public Guardian.