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Download the Travel Checklist Template that is designed to assist with any type of travel being planned. Simply go through the list and check off the tasks or items that need to be accomplished prior to travel. The list is designed to accommodate the individual traveler to an entire family.

How To Write

Step 1 – Section 1 – Clothing – This section will include only adult clothing items:

  • Read through the list, as you pack your item(s) check them off of the list

Step 2 – Section 2 – Electronics – This section will assist in reminding you to check all of your electronic devices that may be needed on your trip

  • At the point that you are gathering your personal electronics, lay them all out on a table or bed and take inventory to be certain everything is included and that nothing is left behind
  • You may consider purchasing an additional charger for your devices and pack them in a separate location in the event one gets lost or left during a layover or rest stop

Step 3 – Section 3 – Medical and Health Items – This is a very important section

  • If you take prescriptions for your health, be sure not to leave them at home
  • Have your prescriptions filled as close to the date that you’re leaving as possible
  • If you need to renew your prescriptions, call your Doctor to make them aware that you will need a renewal on your prescription(s) or have your pharmacist fax your Doctor
  • Collect other health care items on your list and do inventory prior to packing them

Step 4 – Section 4 – Miscellaneous Items –

  • There will be many of these items you may have wished you had not forgotten. Go through this list and gather any items you believe would make your trip more relaxing and keep you from having to pay tourists prices when you’re on your trip

Step 5 – Section 5 – Toiletries

  • As your trip gets closer, be certain to go over the list of toiletries that you will likely need while you’re on your trip. Some of them may need to be purchased as sealed bottles if you plan to fly or travel by train.
  • Homeland security requires sealed bottles or they may take them from you and disallow you to travel with them. Things like razors etc, must be in sealed packages and cannot be in a carry on bag, you must check them.
  • Some of these items may simply be better purchased at your destination

Step 6 – Section 6 – Money –

  • As you are preparing to leave, if you need to purchase travelers checks, do that in advance. Most these days simply use credit or debit cards
  • Bottom line, remember your wallets and purses
  • Also remember to let your credit card companies know you will be traveling so that they won’t place security and fraud holds on cards being used outside of your normal places of purchase – just a little precaution for the sake of convenience

Step 7 – Section 7 – Laundry –

  • Here again, there may be some items on this list that would be a travel issue with security. You would likely be better off purchasing liquid items, detergents etc at your point of destination if you are flying.
  • If this is a road trip, however, you may be better off purchasing prior to your departure so that you may keep up with dirty laundry when you stop to rest in hotels or motels – in this case you wouldn’t have to venture into places unfamiliar to purchase laundry items
  • Regardless, go through the list and decide what works best for your specific travel plans and work with the laundry list accordingly

Step 8 – Section 8 – Documentation –

  • Regardless of how you travel or where your destination will be, it’s a good idea to have all of your documentation for so many reasons. Take all of these documents if possible for safety, in the event of an accident or other emergency
  • Outside of what belongs in your wallet i.e.; driver’s license, place all other documents into an air tight plastic bag for protection – then if the documents are needed you will have them readily available. Put them into an easily accessible place in your car or carry on bag.

Step 9 – Section 9 – Children Items –

  • If you will have children while you’re traveling, you will need to be certain that all of their needs will be properly met for comfort and entertainment
  • Once you’ve gathered the children’s items, double check to be certain you have everything in their bags
  • Pack a separate identifiable bag for each child so that accessing anything for that child will be easy for you

Step 10 – Section 10 – Baby Items –

  • If you will have an infant or a young toddler traveling with you, their needs are much more specific. If for example, you are nursing, you may require a breast pump and pads.
  • Pack one bag specific to baby’s needs – check the list provided and be certain you have packed everything you need. Traveling with a baby may be difficult at best, make it easy on everyone and be sure to have everything to keep the baby as calm as possible.

Step 11 – Section 11 – Before Leaving Home

  • This could be the most important thing you do before you begin traveling. Go through the check list and do all of the things that need to be done i.e.; stop your mail and newspaper service, check appliances etc.
  • You may even consider having a trusted friend or relative visit your home and different times of the day to make it known the home is being monitored outside of your security system
  • Double check this list before you leave home



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